The Danish 92 Group is a coalition between 26 Danish NGO's working on issues related to the environment and development. The group was established in 1991 with the mandate of coordinating the Danish NGOs' preparations for the United Nation's Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. Hence the name The Danish 92 Group.

Today the Danish 92 Group is working on a variety of different issues related to sustainable development at both national and international level. This work includes the follow-up of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002, the Rio+20 UN conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 and the Paris Climate conference (COP 21) in 2015. Activities include joint actions on advocacy, lobbying and information activities coordinated in different thematic working groups. Currently the secretariat of The Danish 92 Group is based at Oxfam Denmark's office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Areas of work include:

• The political process on Sustainable Development, e.g., United Nation's Commission on Sustainable Development and World Summits on Sustainable Development.

• Multilateral environmental conventions, such as the conventions on climate change, biodiversity, desertification, and persistent organic pollutants.

• UN's Sustainable Development Goals (the 2030 agenda). The Danish 92 Group is focusing on the implementation of the SDG's in danish action plans by involving multiple stakeholders and coordinating policy processes for civil society organizations.

• The Danish 92 Group is focusing on the implementation of CSR (cooperate social responsibility) and sustainable investments, at both Danish and International level.

• The Danish 92 Group is currently working with issues related to the climate framework set in the Paris Agreement 2015, The Danish Climate Law, 2019, and The European Green Deal, 2019.

• The Danish 92 Group is currently working on the CBD (convention on Biological Diversity) and issues related to the Global Biodiversity Framework and the COP process.

Om 92-gruppen

92-gruppen - Forum for Bæredygtig Udvikling er et samarbejde mellem 25 danske miljø- og udviklingsorganisationer, der blev dannet i forbindelse med FN's Miljø- og Udviklingskonference i Rio de Janeiro i 1992.


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